South Sudan Support

To provide aid to poor village children to be healthier, happier, educated, and fed.


My Inspiration

There are too many hungry boys and girls that stay at home without going to school.

When I visited South Sudan in 2007, I found a lot of children with a lack of education. This was true in all of the villages that I visited in the few months that I was there. When I visited the land of Africa, I really missed my home town. I was excited to travel around and see the schools but there are not many to find. The kids are almost always left to sit in their houses, or the few that attend school are stuck in the same grade. They are unable to reach the next one, as there is no next grade. The highest level of education they can obtain at some schools is first grade, there is no second grade. The philosophy of America’s former president told the world that no child should be left behind from education. I believe this statement was the truth. To make things worse, many kids have little access to water, medicine, or even food at times. The mission of South Sudan Support is to develop a Non Profit Organization specifically tailored to struggling South Sudanese villagers with these problems.

I offered myself,

I offered myself to volunteer and I taught the children there for about three months. Because I felt empathetic to the children who had no opportunity for education, I request the support of donators, or volunteers, to help these children build a school they can attend.